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DotNetNuke is one of the most popular .NET based content management portals that is widely used in the internet as well as intranet arena. DotNetNuke comprises of a framework that allows for modular development of components that can be installed and integrated within the DotNetNuke platform.

With the framework architecture, DotNetNuke allows for third-party vendors to develop and sell modules for a variety of application and deployment scenarios.

Skynapse and DotNetNuke

Skynapse has deployed several DotNetNuke portals on the internet and intranet platform. Our expertise arises from our capability to understand the specific requirements of the customer and propose modules that are either built-in or available commercially for usage. Specific installations require custom module development to enhance the user experience and information capture of the website. Our team of dedicated DotNetNuke developers have the necessary capabilities to configure the portal as per the individual requirements of our customers.


Content Management

A WYSIWYG editor allows non-technical users to create and manage content.
Simple and quick way to create pages and add modules. Similar to creating a Presentation file.
Quick links allows users to group links from within and outside the site.
A simple approval pocess allows users to create approval workflows for content prior to publishing.
Capability to maintain versions of content.
Capability to add dynamic meta information to each content.
Indexable and searchable content.
Multi-lingual support.

Builtin Modules

Forums for carrying out discussions. Also known as message boards.
Blogs for users.
Calendar/ Events management.
RSS Syndication.
Document Management
IFrame options


A wide array of third party modules provide DotNetNuke with the capability of being used as a social networking tool.
Directory module to list and search people and company profile information.


Third party modules allow DotNetNuke to be used as an eCommerce website.

Advanced Features

SEO optimization using URL Aliasing.
Multiple themes allow users to change the look and feel for different pages using templates.


Active Directory user authentication.
Mashup capability with most popular internet websites such as YouTube, Flickr, etc...
Modular architecture and strong framework allows extensive customization and integration with third-party systems.



  1. Microsoft IIS Web Server
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2005/ 2008
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 +

Third-Party Modules

With, you can browse through and purchase an unlimited number of modules that are available to spruce up your DotNetNuke site.

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