Technical Document Management System

Traditional Document Management Solutions are aimed primarily at web based on intranet based HTML content. Our Technical Document Management Solution is primarily catered towards content that is extremely structured.

Our TCM, is aimed towards enterprises that need to maintain strict version control, approval workflows and paragraph level content tagging. Our TCM is used mainly for technical, financial or medical documents such as compliance, operating procedures and audit that require fine grained control over versions, tracking and access controls.

Key Features

Content Management

Content is structured into cabinets, folders, documents, chapters, sections, paragraphs and references.
Highly structured content that allows paragraph level versioning, control and approvals.
Tagging with descriptive text that can be used to filter as well as flag important paragraphs.
Tags allows for search across multiple documents across multiple folders.
Content are categorized into folders, documents, chapters, sections and paragraphs.
Tags can be marked with definitions to allow users to understand tag codes.
Set custom meta information that can be defined by the administrator specific for a particular industry.

Content Search

Search for specific tags or keywords.
Search and highlight multiple documents that contain the same tag.
Search keywords that appear within the content.
user-friendly tag auto-complete to ease the entry of tags.

Version Control

Each paragraph can have different versions when edited.
When edited, the information is sent to respective approval parties for approval.
Automated reminder notifications for acting on the outstanding approvals.
Capability to revert to past versions.
Capability to set effective dates from when the approved content is visible to the users.
A combination of auto or manual version numbering system.

Automatic Link Detection

Most documents link to other documents as references. Users can link to multiple documents for references.
The system shall detect documents that have been deleted and highlight reference links that no longer exist.


Key Requirements

1. Microsoft .NET 4.0+

2. Microsoft IIS 7.0+

3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008

4. SMTP Mail Server (Exchange/ Lotus Notes)

5. Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008

6. LDAP/ NTLM Authentication (Optional)