Project Management

Our integrated Project Management system is a unique web based solution that provides the power of tracking project schedules as well as financials for the enterprise. Our Project Management system is designed to focus more on financial information related to projects that are key for senior management.

Key Features

Projects Module

Intuitive user interface provides desktop like experience using the latest Ajax / Javascript based tools.
Customizable menu options based on user access control rights.
Projects can be gropued into categories, departments and cost centers and filtered as such.
Projects can have a lock/ unlock and approval mechanism to ensure accuracy of data.
Strong audit trail allows users to check for changes to records by comparing before and after status.

Vendors Module

Allow users to manage vendors for each project.
Manage tenders, proposals, quotes and other documents.
Ensure quotes do not exceed budget amounts.
Option to maintain cotingency amounts based on value or percentage.

Milestone Module

Manually create the entire milestone or choose from a template.
Set milestones for each project based on estimated start and completion dates.
Track the actual start and end dates of each milestone.
Set notification to remind project managers of upcoming milestones.
show visual flags and traffic light to indicate the status of the milestone.

Cashflow Module

Manage cashflow for the entire project with projections and actual transactions.
View consolidated results of projected v/s actual on a quarterly/monthly/yearly  basis.
Set controls to ensure cashflow does not exceed budgetted amounts.

Payments Module

Manage customer invoices.
Set controls to ensure invoices do not exceed total awarded values to the vendors.
Track payment progress.

Document Management Module

Upload unlimited number of document and images for each project.
Set the file type and maximum size for upload.

Email Notification

Recieve confirmation email on upcoming project milestones.
Send notification to project managers, owners when project details are changed or new projects added.

Admin Interface

 Manage unlimited number of users, departments, groups, cost centers.
Set access control levels to each user to provide customized interface upon login.
View detailed audit log information with before and after records.
Update reminder configuration/ settings for email notification.
export information as excel for custom data analysis.


View reports on project status by departments, category, cost center.
View detailed drill-down reports on project progress and status.
Visual dashboard allows management to have an overall view of the financial information.

Advanced Modules

Integration with Lotus Notes/ Microsoft Exchange to send emails.
Integration with SAP Finance module to extract information.
Active Directory Integration available for enterprise deployments.


With a strong API foundation, customizing the system to the specific needs of the customer is simple and fast.



1. Microsoft .NET 2.0+

2. Microsoft IIS 6.0+

3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008

4. SMTP Mail Server (Exchange/ Lotus Notes)

5. Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008

6. LDAP/ NTLM Authentication (Optional)