Fecal Occult Blood Test System

The Fecal Occult Blood Test System provides a streamlined representation of the process required to source, stock, distribute, capture, analyse and record results of the FOBT. This web based solution provides tremendous flexibility to healthcare providers in automating the entire process.

Key Features

Kit Supply, Stocking & Distribution

Recieve and store kits in locations. Kits can be received in lots, batches and individual tubes.
Barcode scanning ready.
Move stock between locations.
Distribute to partners and track information such as quantity distributed, date of distribution, etc.
Track return, faulty and lost kits.
Track expiration dates.

Participant Modules

Capture critical participant information including particulars, history as well as contact information.
Associate participant information with the kits distributed.
Keep track of historical distribution for a participant.
Associate results of tests to participants.
Follow up activities allow for referral to hospital, specialist and feedback.
Maintain feedback and death related information.

FOBT Modules

Perform verification and validation of results from tests.
Track positions of tests if kits are provided to independant clinics for results.
Automated flag allows to highlight positive results.
Dashboard to allow users for followup actions.
Automated mail merge letter printing to allow for notifications to be posted to participants on their results.
Track various measurements, analysis date, judgement values and other parameters.


Generate various built-in reports in excel and PDF formats.
In-house Summary Report
Stock Status Report
Distribution Report
Participant Response Report
Audit Log Reports
Mail Merge letter generation Report
Lab Results Report
Kit Expiry Report
Custom Query Builder allows users to generate their own reports based on table mappings.

Excel Upload Modules

Many of the information exchanged between healthcare providers, partners, clinics, Health Ministries/Agencies are in tabulated spreadsheet formats.
Our system provides users with the ability to perform upload of such data with comprehensive validations and verification of data.

Admin Interface

Stock location Master
Partners Master
Hospital Master
Inventory Master
Laboratory Master
Participant Master
Global Settings
Audit Logs

Custom Reporting

Built-in custom query builder tool to create ad-hoc reports.
Ability to store custom queries for future retrieval.

Advanced Modules

Integration with Microsoft Office to send emails, generate letters and perform Excel downloads of reports.
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics
Active Directory Integration available for enterprise deployments.


With a strong API foundation, customizing the system to the specific needs of the customer is simple and fast.


System Requirements

1. Microsoft .NET 2.0+

2. Microsoft IIS 6.0+

3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008

4. SMTP Mail Server (Exchange/ Lotus Notes)

5. Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008

6. LDAP/ NTLM Authentication (Optional)

7. Ability to integrate with existing CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics

Who Is Using Our System

Singapore Cancer Society