Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is specifically designed for small and medium sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry. Our cost-effective solution is designed to run completely off-the-web and is secure and scalable.

ERP solutions need not be complex and complicated. Our ERP system is designed with common tools and technologies that allows for easy customization and enhancement. Skynapse understands that no two enterprise operations are the same. With this understanding we have designed our system to be customizable through a strong API foundation.


User Interface

Our ERP system brings in desktop like interface to the web. Our system relies on Ajax technologies that allow for fast loading of user screens, increasing the productivity of the system.
Each functionality in the system can be individually configured with access rights. The rights can be set at a group or user level to restrict visibility of pages.
All features are available within a single click from the menu and context-wise menus.


Sales Module
Finance Module
Costing Module
HR/ Payroll Module
Engineering Module
Purchasing Module
Production Module
Maintenance Module
Stores Module
Quality Module
Admin Interface Module
Document Managment Module
Notification/ Alert Module
Scheduler Module

Advanced Modules

Lotus Notes & SAP Integration.
Active Directory Integration.


With a strong API foundation, customizing the system to the specific needs of the customer is simple and fast.