Enterprise Performance & Risk Management

The Balanced Scorecard and Risk Monitoring System provides management with a simplified tool to track strategy, initiatives and action plans. With the facility to provide monitoring of performance against benchmarks, this tool is essential for management that wants to implement the balanced scorecard methodology of managing their business.


Performance Management

Set perspectives/domains.
Set overall corporate strategies.
Set strategy for each objective for each strategy. Assign responsibilities.
Set action plans. Assign activities to owners.
Determine key performance indicators (KPI) for each activity.
Set benchmarks and reporting frequency for each KPI.
Set progress measurement for each action plan with reporting facility.
Identify risks for each perspective and strategy.
Manage risks through the risk matrix.
Determine the risk mitigation plan for each risk and set likelihood of occurances
Measure risk occurances.


Dashboard to view performance for each perspective and strategy.
View risk matrix chart.
Compare present and past performance for each KPI.


System Requirements

1. Microsoft .NET 2.0+

2. Microsoft IIS 6.0+

3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008

4. SMTP Mail Server (Exchange/ Lotus Notes)

5. Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008

6. LDAP/ NTLM Authentication (Optional)