Business Process Management

We provide Business Process Automation solutions that leverage K2.NET Suite of products. K2.NET Suite of products help enterprises to manage their existing business process management activities with simple, easy-to-use and highly flexible development platform.

Built completely on Microsoft technologies, K2 BlackPearl, K2 BlackPoint and K2 Connect provide an unprecendented level of control over your business process. As a partner of K2, We are placed in a unique position to help our customers meet their automation requirements.

K2 BlackPearl

K2 BlackPearl is an enterprise application platform that is used to build and manage complex workflow and process-driven applications. With an intuitive interface that allows easy management of workflow and processes, BlackPearl can help enterprises rapid application development. With its built in objects, interfaces and API, BlackPearl can provide fast replication of existing processes.

K2 BlackPoint

K2 BlackPoint is tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, giving users the flexibility to create and maintain workflow and process-driven applications using a intuitive editor. With very little programming requirement, BlackPoint helps even non-technical users to get started of transforming their existing business process into automated applications.

K2 Connect

K2 Connect provides the tools and modules to help applications communicate with SAP. With its re-usable SmartObjects technology, now business process applications can directly connect and communicate with SAP systems for end-to-end process automation and data integrity.

K2 Partner

We are a K2 partner. As a partner we provide value added services such as business applications development, workflow, process customization and custom solutions that leverage on K2's platform.

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