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A Marketing Mind Map


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12/29/2012 11:02 AM RssIcon

 While talking to a small business owner, We came across the discussion of what are the different channels for marketing. Today, there are so many channels for promotion that it is very difficult to keep track of all of them.

I am pretty sure that there are a lot of small business owners out there who are not able to get a handle on the different avenues in which they can promote their business. As a result, i have come up with a simplified mind map that one can use as a reminder of the different channels that avaiable to promote ones business.


This, i believe is sufficient to give business owners a very good starting point to launch their marketing strategy. Not all are required (depending on the nature of the business).

It is important to understand that each strategy is not isolated. There are overlaps that require proper planning and coordination. For example, social media channels may link to the website. Print articles may direct users to a phone number for warm calls.

I dont believe in getting enrolled in too many social media sites and having problems in managing and maintaining them.

The important aspect is that, choose few and work on them consistently. Consistency in a few channels is more important than inconsistency in multiple channels.

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