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Tech Outlook for 2012


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12/9/2011 8:49 AM RssIcon

It is the time of the year where one starts to determine what the immediate future holds. While the general market outlook seems suppressed in enthusiasm for most of next year, the technology industry is undergoing some major developments in terms of 6 key areas. These areas of development are tightly interdependant.

1. Cloud space

While the cloud has been in the centre of attention for this year, 2012 will see a major push by enterprise software providers to move some or most of their solutions to the cloud. While these may still take a few years down the road to actually see the light of the day, in the meantime, smaller cloud based solutions will thrive.

2. Mobile space

2012 will see the widespread adoption of tablets in the enterprise. The primary drivers for this push will be the availability of windows based tablets. Although late in the entry to the tablet market, the windows tablet market will be a major force due to the following reasons

  • most enterprise softwares are still windows based.
  • enterprise software providers are plenty, which gives them an incentive to move towards mobile devices without having to undergo a steep learning curve of a new development platform.
  • windows based tablets will be far more affordable than current tablets.
  • this will be an opportunity for late entrants into the tablet software market to ride the second wave of development.

3. Hardware space

This will be a great year for hardware industry. Server sales will see an increase mainly due to the cloud architecture. This will be followed by initiatives in r&d aimed towards increasin performance while reducing energy consumption.

The growth in data shall also spur demand for disks. A push to increase performance may see more penetration of solid state memory devices on servers.

4. Social space

The social network is well established. Next will be the value extracted from these media for business. The likes of analytics and measurement tools that track, manage and interpret social information will the the focus. Sites like klout, sprout, etc..will gain tremendous user base. Enterprises will look to harnessing social media for customer support, branding & marketing as well as sales.

5. Software & web

There is going to be a tremendous push towards html 5. Browsers, now html 5 compliant will allow innovative new software solutions and designs to be built. This wil be the start of a new wave of internet advancement similar to web 2.0. We like to call it the Dynamic Web. Creating a dynamic web will in-turn drive cloud based solutions towards behaving more like desktop applications.

6. Data
This year has seen a lot of progress on the big data front. Several players have risen up from the crowd. 2012 will see two significant events. The widespread adoption of big data storage solutions through inclusion of big data capabilities into enterprise scale commercial applications.

The second push will be towards software that is capable of processing this data from these new storage technologies for analytics and business intelligence.

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